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The singer and Liam have matching tattoos


Encouraging viewers to stay indoors, the channel has organised a digital Kajri Utsav on BIG Ganga’s Facebook page to celebrate the deep rooted festival of the region which celebrates the most romantic aspects like love and rain in an enticing cultural musical way. Striking the right chord with viewers, the digital show will feature some of the biggest Kajri singers of the region, such as Devi, Sanjoli Pandey, Ajit Anand, Chandan Tiwari and Vaishnavi. The two hours digital folk music show will go FB live on Raksha Bandhan this August 3 and will also be telecast on television later..

Shampoo your hair daily or once in two days, using a clarifying shampoo. That is because clarifying shampoos wash away dirty residue, strip oils from scalp and hair. But if your hair is on the dry side and it’s only your scalp that’s oily, release a small amount of shampoo on the palm, then lip gently rub a small amount of water to bubble, and apply the foam into your scalp where needed and don’t rub it through your hair.

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