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What’s the best mouse grip for first person shooters_13


My present default grip is fingertip as a result of many years of little mice (e. g. that the Logitech Mini Optical). Before that, my natural grasp was probably palm but that was years back. The current mice I’m using will be a Logitech G403 along with a BenQ EC2-A. The major disadvantage with fingertip grip that I’ve seen reported by other people is hand fatigue but personally I don’t encounter this. The two obvious disadvantages that I am undergoing are that my fingertip grip makes mouse unwanted and ambidextrous mice simple to use. In both instances it’s because the rule is used as an anchor line. This makes hitting for unwanted buttons slow and destabilizes my clasp. The issue with ambi rodents is the fact the fact that many do not provide a groove on both sides to the thumb which is problematic because a stable thumb posture is required when the palm isn’t a anchor point. Just like any shift in my mousing, I obviously also wonder what’s the best mouse grip for first person shooters? if shifting my grip could improve my aim. Looking online, I don’t see much criticism of the fingertip grip but it also seems as though the fingertip grip is rather infrequent. The 1 source I could discover that is exceptionally critical is Your Ultimate Overwatch Guide which even goes so far as to recommend switching away from this grip:This technique is comparatively poor, as using your fingers alone to direct your mouse motion is very unreliable and I strongly recommend shifting to a technique listed below. It is likely that you’re using fingertip grip since you have a little mouse, and when that is the case I advise you look into purchasing a standard sized gaming mouse such as the Razer DeathAdder Chroma to find out a better technique with. There isn’t much detail so I’m not sure what experience of this writer’s informs this view. Is it a worthwhile experimentation? Has anyone tried intentionally switching between claw and fingertip grips? Are you powerful? What were the results? Other thoughts?

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